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Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

My friend SexFink sent me an email about this new penis-enlarger doohickey, & it sounds like it's worked wonders for SF (he needed the help, believe me!) It is called the Fast-Size Extender, & it is both Doctor & Stuntcock approved! It's not one of those pumps or weight contraptions, but something completely NEW and effective! And the gains are permanent!

Also, don't worry, the NEW AND IMPROVED Heywood Jablome site will be up and running any day now, & it will be the best big cock hardcore site you've ever seen! 



Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

I'm back from my west coast trip! What a great time, I did some biz but I also had a chance to party! Special thanks to Adultplex for the free BJ at the "BootyBall" and to Mary Carey for the VIP treatment at the "Can I Be A Pornstar" bash! Looking forward to meeting you again, Mary!

Also, my thanks to Lensman of Playboy for the warmup party, Mark "Chatroom Romeo" Mateo & Purecash for the drinks, Juicylinks for the BJ tips (that's "blackjack", you homos!),  and all of the Perfection Girls for the moist hospitality!

Also Penny Flame - if you still have my card - the offer still stands (and always will :)!


MONSTER Cocks Huge Cocks and Massive Meat

I'm in Vegas! The GOTI Party last night was exhausting but fun, after the show a few other stuntcocks for hire & I went to a shoot with the gorgeous Monique Alexander and Kylie Ryan, who are also in town this week. 

This afternoon I had lunch with one of my favorite girls in the biz, the lovely Laurie Wallace. She doesn't do boy/girl, but she is very kinky & will let me tie her up and stuff. Drop me a line if you want to see Laurie next month, or if you would rather see more hardcore (my vote!) 



Happy 2004 to all of my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

Whew, what a crazy year 2003 was! The craziest story I've heard all year is the Melissa Harrington story! Arrested for posing naked in a bar? She wasn't even caught in the act, the cops found her pic on her website! I was supposed to visit her & her webmaster in Vegas next week, I hope she's still available!

Speaking of Vegas, I'd like to say "Thank You" for all of the work offers I've received. I'm about booked solid for my stay, I may stay a couple more days & see what happens.

If you want to meet me in Vegas, your best bet is the Girls Of The Internet party on Jan 4. I'm one of the select "Stunt Cocks" for the event! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my old friends like Kaylacam and Busty Rachel, and meeting some of my favorites like Crissy Moran and Sunny Leone! And my bud Mark "Chatroom Romeo" Mateo will be there too!



Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

I have redesigned the site, since y'all really didn't like the old layout. It should be easier than fuck to navigate all the free porn now! If you like it, let me know, otherwise go fuck yourself!

Likewise, I will once again be appearing at "Internext" in Las Vegas (January 5-7), if you or your company is looking for a stuntcock for hire, drop me a line!



Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

Some of you have written asking "How can I get started in the porn biz?". 

Truth be told, it is probably the hardest fucking thing to do. You're more likely to make a billion dollars in the stock market than to become a fulltime (paid) male pornstar. Even then, you will be lucky to make a third as much as the woman you are fucking! Last scene I did with Jenna, she was probably making $10-15K - I only made $150! (But I get bragging rights :0)

Caveats already out of the way, the easiest way to get started is to pimp out your woman! Make sure that she agrees that she will do only you on camera. A lot of porn directors will take a chance on a young hottie and her boyfriend if they are a package deal. 

Once the director sees how well you perform, he will keep you in mind the next time one of his guy pornstars flakes & needs a stuntcock asap!

BTW, fucking a hottie in a film is not nearly as much fun as fucking a hottie in your bedroom! First, the lights are hot as hell. Second, there's a camera shoved halfway up your ass half the time. Third, just when you start to catch a nut, you have to stop & wait for the cameras to move, or they want you to change positions, etc. Fourth, just when you're about to explode in her gash, you have to pull out your member & cum on her face, her tits, give her a creampie, whatever the director decides (sometimes at the last minute)!

Plus, you wouldn't believe how bad a porn set smells! Geeezzzz...



Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

Some of you have written asking "Where do you get the girls to fuck you for your website?". 

As you know, I'm not exactly a 'looker' - I'm old, fat, and grey! If I had to rely on going to bars and picking up girls to fuck, I'd probably only get laid half as often. But what I don't have in looks I have in smarts - it's all in the marketing!

I've met a lot of horny girls through IFriends, but beware - they love to fuck, but they are a little shy about having their pictures taken! They usually have good jobs (and sometimes marriages!) that they do not want to jeopardize. If you want to find girls to fuck on film, you have to be a little more creative!

My best trick is to use my attractive female friends as my recruiters. Give them a stack of your business cards, & have them write their name on the back. If I hire a girl they recruit for me, they get $50 commission every time I do a shoot with her! My old girlfriend is a hostess at an upscale mens club, she sends me 3-4 new girls every week. Another girl I know works at a tanning salon, she regularly sends me a couple new teenies each week. If you network your girlfriends correctly, you'll be having girls calling YOU to be fucked!



Hello my friends and fellow Cocksmen!

Some of you have written asking "How do you get it up so often? How do you keep it up so long? How did you become so BIG?"

Well, I appreciate the emails! I don't know if there is one solution in your quest to become a 'superstud'. My best advice - PRACTICE! You've heard 'use it or lose it' - it's true! The more sex you have, the more sex you'll want! Your member will become swollen with pride, trust me!

Of course, everyone likes a little edge, even ol' Heywood! As a male pornstar, it's extremely important to be able to perform on cue. Screw up one job, it might be your last! There are a few "trade secrets" I can share with you.


There is a 'patch' called the Virility Patch that most of us stuntcocks use. (I am a paid spokesman for the product, but I recommend it anyways!). By using Virility Patch Rx you should experience an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in your penis size and performance, as well as increased energy and pleasure during sexual activity. Plus it's guaranteed to work or your money back!!! Check it out for free


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